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Tipps & Tricks for a more “green” bathroom and sustainable products I am currently using.

green bathroom

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In this post I want to focus on one special room in the house: the bathroom. There are a lot of things you can change in your bathroom to make it more sustainable and “green”. Nowadays there are a lot of great brands that produce products for everyday use like soap, shower gel or shampoo with organic, sustainable and natural ingredients. Often they also don’t have a lot of packaging and most of the time it is made out of recycled plastic or paper.

These great sustainable options I am talking about are for example bamboo toothbrushes, reusable pads to remove your make-up, brands that only use 100% recycled plastic for their packaging, soap and shampoo bars that are full of great ingredients which are gentle to your skin and hair, etc. The list is really long because there is such a big selection on the market which makes me really happy.

And because the selection is so big I suggest you to go on the internet and research a little bit. That’s what I did too. Or I read some blogposts (like this one for example 😉 ), watched YouTube videos about people’s opinions and reviews on sustainable, organic products. That’s what really helped me to orientate myself a bit better.

It may not be that easy at first and you may have to overcome yourself a little bit to make a change but I believe that if you really want to change something you can definitely do it.

green bathroom

The problem with plastic – a short overview:

A lot of conventional beauty products such as showergel, shampoo, face cream, scrubs, make-up, etc. can contain microplastics which is very dangerous because like the name already says it is microscopically small. Purification plants often can’t filter the small particles so they end up in the ocean, rivers, lakes and therefore in our tap water, and stomachs of sea dweller.

Why do companies even use microplastics?
The answer has a monetary background (as most of the time): they use plastic because it is cheap and versatile. It can be used as a filler or binder in cosmetics, scrubs or even toothpaste.

The sad thing is: there is a solution. Microplastics and plastic in general can be replaced by naturally occurring substances such as ground nut- or coconut shells, grape or peach seeds, etc. Organic cosmetic producers use these substances so there are no synthetic materials in their products.

You can find more information about this issue on the Greenpeace website for example and on the internet in general. I just gave you a small overview of this important topic. Greenpeace also has a list of the plastics that are often used in cosmetics and what their shortcuts are so you can check your products at home if they might contain one of these plastics .

green bathroom

My tips if you want to switch to organic and natural cosmetics:

  1. Start small. Take a little area of the bathroom to begin with. For example shower gel and shampoo. Go to the drugstore and have a look at the organic cosmetics aisle. Even here in Austria, there is already a big selection of very good and low-priced products.
    After I tried some of the shower gels and shampoos I switched to organic soap for my skin and shampoo bars for the hair to reduce even more waste. And in this way you can go on in other areas, step by step.
  2. Take it slow. This change was kind of a slow process because of course your skin and especially hair might need time to get used to the natural products. But that’s absolutely normal and meanwhile, you can test out all the amazing products on the market and find something that works best for you.
  3. Research. This is also a very important point. Don’t just buy anything random. Read reviews of the products and have a look at the ingredients. Regarding this, I can really recommend the app “Code Check”. Just scan the barcode and the app shows you all of the ingredients and which of them are “good” or “bad”. It is really interesting to see what is in all the products we use.
green bathroom
green bathroom

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