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Hello beautiful soul and welcome to this blog post! This post is for anyone who wants to treat their body with love and respect – today I am talking about Self-Care!

Here’s a quick overview of this post:

Before I dive in let me answer you a question:

What is self-care?

These two words seem to tell us that we simply have to care for ourselves, for our wellbeing at all times, not when you are burnt out and sick. It is here to prevent our bodies from getting sick or feeling unwell. Because the body is wired to your mind which is connected to your heart and these three always like to be loved and treated with respect.

As I typed in these two words I accidentally typed Self Love instead of Self Care, but is there really such a difference? Actually not so much, because if you care for your body and soul you automatically share the love too. So why not just say Self Care = Self Love, because these words kind of stick together. Not too long ago I started initiating self-care rituals into my daily life and really learned how important it is for my wellbeing. 

Self-care should not be postponed to weekends, 

you should make it become a routine, which at some time you might need to postpone but always take it as a fixed task. I realized that I wasn’t reading enough, I switched more to watching shows on Netflix rather than immersing myself into a good book. As I realized I started to stress a bit about this because let’s be honest there really is a difference in watching a series (and I tend to watch thrilling ones) or reading a book. While reading a book I feel a sense of calmness and my imagination goes wild, I really love that. Can you relate? 

What I actually want to tell you is that reading is a part of self-care for me, even listening to a good podcast, because you are taking time to sit down and relax, nurture your body. There are endless opportunities on how to practice self-care these days and I would love to share some major ones with you here. If you are thinking about starting with self-care or like to try different approaches or include more of it into your life you have come to the right place. 


Generally, you can divide self-care into two big parts: 
Physical and Emotional

Physical self-care involves the body itself, ranging from a nap to yoga.

Let’s start with the most simple tool of physical self-care, napping. I am a huge napping fan, but be careful that this nap doesn’t turn into sleep, because it is said that if you are napping over 20 minutes you’ll fall more into sleep. Instead of feeling fresh and clear-minded you probably won’t make it out of bed at all. Instead, you feel drained and in need of something sweet or carbs which boost your energy. When I was at school my naps used to be like that and after I finally made it out of bed I ate some candy bars to get me back on track, but I really never felt fresh and motivated after those so-called naps (I could go right back to bed again and sleep through the rest of the day). So what I want to tell you is that a quick and short nap is really good for your body and mind. Sometimes I don’t even close my eyes but just tug into my cozy blanket and feel loved and nurtured. To just have a rest, this helps a great deal too. Sit (or lie) with yourself and tune into this cozy and loving energy. Put a cup of tea next to your bed or couch and drink these energy-giving herbs after your nap or rest and feel more fresh and able to do about anything you want to!

Now, this brings me to the next point, food and tea.

Your self-care routine could be something as simple as an afternoon or morning snack break. If you are at work (or not) this is absolutely something to look forward to. Prepare a smoothie, a plate full of (dried) fruits and nuts. Also, make your favorite tea and drink it on your break (or make that a coffee if you don’t like tea). This ritual gives you so much energy and if you are really making a ritual out of it, it helps to keep you motivated through your (work) day! One important thing is to really take this snacking break away from your digital devices.

If you are in a position where you cannot do this, simply switch off your computer screen, hide your cell phone or turn your chair away from those devices, take a deep breath and take out your snacks. Don’t beat yourself up if it is not working at first, but be constant with this break. It will get better every time around and you are more able to enjoy this as time unfolds. 

Another great way to feel in your body could be yoga. And I don’t mean power yoga, I mean this type of yoga where you practice your breathing and stretch your body in a calm and relaxing environment. I do that more than I do some exhausting kinds of sports. Also gardening or taking a long walk/ a nice bike ride surrounded by nature is a great tool for getting in touch with yourself.

Emotional or spiritual selfcare mainly includes the mind, positive thoughts and meditation.

This comes along with stress management, also a great way of emotional self-care is practicing kindness towards others (even if it is a warm smile for a person you pass on your way), also forgiveness plays a huge part in this (hard feelings and anger only destroy your positive energy). Think about this: If you are super angry at someone for whatever reason, try to take not more than five minutes to feel into this negative energy. Then take a few deep breaths and let this human be whatever he or she wants to do to make you feel that way. Now lose this knot that connects your mind to this negative feeling. Let it go gracefully and take care of your positive thoughts (and energy). Does this help you?

Spiritual self-care includes meditation or some time alone where only you and your thoughts sit together and have a frank conversation about your life. Do these things in your sacred space, where you feel safe. This can be in your favorite room, outside in nature or maybe you create your own sacred special place for this practice.

Write a journal, put all your thoughts and feelings into it. I love to journal, it helps me a great deal and especially during hard times or even happy times I urge myself to write as often as I can. On weekdays I schedule it in the evenings, mostly before I go to bed so I can go to sleep with a clear mind, on weekends I love to write in the morning to start the day free and clear-minded. The same goes for meditating, I love to meditate before I go to bed, but sometimes I’m too tired and fall asleep. Don’t beat yourself up if this happens to you! On super exhausting days, I meditate about 2 hours before I go to bed, then I won’t fall asleep.

mindful living

I’m sure there are so many more self-care practices, but I can’t make this post any longer than it already is. And I would love to know what you practice for selfcare!

Whether or not you can resonate with these self–care topics, whatever you feel nurtures your body and calms your mind and soul is when you practice self-care. The most important thing is that you do it consciously. Tell yourself that you are NOW doing your daily part of self-care and really tune in to whatever you are doing because this mindful part is really important. During stressful or low times on my day, I can always think back to my morning self-care routine or ahead of my upcoming one and I instantly feel this pang of self-love and joy. I give myself a big warm hug and there is nothing more powerful than feeling this, no one can love you as much as you can love yourself. The power of loving and accepting your body lies within you.

One last super important advice I’d like to give you on your way is to not feel guilty about doing these selfcare rituals. 

You should never feel bad about treating your body right, so whether or not your family members or friends practice self-care, it should never be a competition or a thing to hide or feel ashamed of.

Practice self-care with your own pace and don’t care about what other people say about this if it makes you feel good there is simply no reason at all to not practice self-care. Even this thought has something to do with self-care because being selfish for your own wellbeing is the only acceptable part of this characteristic trait (the only one where you should not feel bad or guilty about).

What are your self-care rituals or which one would you love to try? I would also love to know what self–care means for you. 

Also as I am about to leave you I’d love to end this blog post with a beautiful note and it especially resonates with todays topic quite a lot so…

Be kind to yourself, because you deserve it.

Much love, Natascha


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