Powerful Intentions

Setting Powerful Intentions for the New Year. And why it is important to get clear on your goals! (Updated Post)

Reflect on the past year

What was the major theme this year for you? What are some patterns which repeat themselves over and over? Mostly this comes for us in subtle ways and we only see this pattern at the end of the year. What also helps is to scroll through the pages of your diary and look at certain moments or spans of time which were particularly hard, exciting or joyful for you.

I know, 2020 was really something. It literally changed our lives in a way nobody would have dared to think of. Sure, the virus must have some positive sides as well. Think of how all of this was impacting your life, the good and the bad sides. If I had to pick a theme for 2020 it would be Transformation. What was your major theme for 2020?

What goals do you like to take into the next year & what goals are no longer meant for you?

Remember December 31st of 2019, what were you thinking of how 2020 will play out for you? What were your greatest wishes and did they play out for you? The biggest wish I had for 2020 was to focus more on my passion project(s) and I had enough time for them. My other wishes, the smaller ones did not come true as everything was changing around the globe, but that did not matter, because I have enough time to fulfill them in the years ahead.

Do you still want these dreams to come true? If so, then are there some adjustments that you want to make? Maybe split one big goal into smaller ones, so it does not feel like a big mission to fulfill it. Or maybe you want to start over and pick whole new wishes for the year ahead.

I have a cute ritual that my mom, sister and I usually do between the days of December 25th till January 6th. This time span is when the moon year is officially over, these days open a portal for us to connect to another world or realm. We use these 12 days to write down our wishes, intentions or just messages and each evening burn one of them. It’s a cool way to make them “official” and concentrate more on manifesting them. I write all of them down and every once in a while I check in and see what parts of my dream or dreams as a whole have manifested. Try it out too 🙂

powerful intentions

What kind of person do you want to be in 2021?

Are there some disbeliefs you like to shed, or some bad habits you need to abandon? Do you want to change the way you think about a certain topic or your general outlook on life to change? Be your own visionary, imagine in your mind’s eye the person that you want to be throughout 2021. How do you feel? What is changing? Write it down and visualize it every time before you go to bed. Don’t forget to be thankful for just being you and love yourself throughout this whole process.

Reach for the stars!

Don’t be shy to set high goals and to dream big! Set powerful intentions, this is the only chance you got in this lifetime. Don’t think too small. There is literally nothing you can’t accomplish. Remember, you are the creator of your own reality. Pick your dreams and wishes and make a vision board. I am definitely doing this for some of my wishes. Don’t forget to visualize your dreams and notice the way you feel in that process.

Make a list and keep track of your goals.

What I always do, is check in every month. I make notes if or when some parts of my dreams fulfill themselves. This is also really important because then you help the manifestation move forward. Never be discouraged when a wish did not come true for you this time. Maybe it means you outgrew them or that you were not ready for it yet. Remember, there is always a purpose behind it.

powerful intentions

Manifestation takes time, be consistent.

Simply writing down your goals is an important step, but not enough to dream them into reality. You need to be consistent, the practices above show you how to do that. Also, never think too small of yourself you are your own master and can accomplish anything. Really important is to not be too hung up on them because if you cling onto your dreams too hard it will get harder for them to be fulfilled. Relax, have fun along the way. Creation takes time and you don’t want to spend this time in misery and fear, you don’t want those powerful intentions to overpower you.

Make monthly plans/goals (write little notes to yourself along the way)

You might emphasize your powerful intentions by splitting them up in monthly (weekly, quarterly) goals. What I recently started doing is writing little notes on the end of each month where I encourage myself and make compliments. This is not only super fun but also helps to start the upcoming month refreshed and remember what you came here to accomplish in this month or year.

Pick a word for 2021

I actually never did that before but for 2021 I picked a word. This word should help you to have an overall theme for 2021. It should also remind you why you do certain things or why you choose your powerful intentions. My word for 2021 is CONFIDENCE. What is your word? I’d love to know!

I hope this post could help you set powerful intentions and fulfill your desires and biggest dreams so you can step into the person you always wanted to be.

Always remember: Be kind to yourself, because you deserve it.

Much love, Natascha

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