Plant-Based Diet

How I lost weight and transformed my well-being with a plant-based diet

Start living a healthy life and nourish your body with a plant-based diet – Welcome to this post! I have to be honest, I am really curious and kind of obsessed about this topic as it really had (and still has) a great impact on my life. I listed the overall topics that I am addressing here for you:

Great! Let’s do this, I can’t wait for you to find out more about this great topic 🙂

Plant-based vs vegan: what’s the difference?

Plant-based is not vegan, right? Someone who follows a plant-based diet is not 100% vegan. Vegans avoid all animal products and follow this as a strict diet and lifestyle (vegan fashion etc.). People who follow a plant-based diet avoid animal products in general, but there are meals that might contain eggs or maybe they top their salad with feta cheese once in a while. Vegans avoid animal products all the time, like dairy products of all sorts, eggs, meat and, honey. A plant-based meal is mainly based on plants with an allowance of some sort of animal product. There is a variety of vegan diets or lifestyles out there!

Of course, nobody should feel urged to eat vegan. I’m not 100% vegan and that’s okay. Sure, my recipes are all vegan but that’s because I am in love with vegan food and feel so happy when I get to experiment with all kinds of plants in the kitchen. I feel the urge to turn every meal into a vegan one. As I don’t eat any dairy products at all, I still enjoy the occasional slice of bread with honey on top or an egg every once in a while.

I realize that people, in general, are eager and happy to eat more plants and try to integrate a plant-based diet into their daily lives. It should be a joyful act to trade your daily meat with plants. Not because you feel obliged to do so. Vegan meals taste amazing and don’t let me get started on those sweets and treats. I really can’t stop thinking about them…

Plant-Based = Healthy?

Eating plant-based (and even vegan) does not mean to eat automatically healthy. This is something most people get wrong. Sure, it is more obvious to turn a dish filled with plants into a healthy version but that does not mean that you don’t have to. You can make a vegan meal as unhealthy as any meal with animal products.

There are so many foods that contain lots of fat or sugar like nuts, seeds or (dried) fruits. But the difference is that they contain natural fats and sugar combined with really important minerals and vitamins. Sure, you can eat many avocados and bananas per day but that won’t let you lose any weight in the long run.

What you are putting into your body and what you eat is up to you. In order to feel in alignment, happy and healthy in your physical manifestation you need to be in alignment with what you eat. Whatever makes you feel good, refreshed or alive is what your body needs. Often we feel fatigued or heavy after consuming fatty or oily foods. If you feel like you are fed up with your regular nutrition it is because your body craves some change. 
This is where eating mindfully comes in handy. Try to listen to what your body needs by going within and getting to know your body. This post might help you with that. 

Can I lose weight with a plant-based diet?

When I started to cut meat and dairy from my diet, I instantly lost weight. This was not because I ate less, on the contrary, I might even eat more these days but it was because I ate so many plants and more healthy in general. As I loved to eat cheese and whipped cream it came as no surprise that I was going to lose weight in the long run. (I don’t particularly like vegan cheese but I do like vegan whipped cream!) 

What I realized is, when I started to really dive into this plant-based diet, I became so conscious about what I put into my body on a daily basis. I ultimately stopped eating over-processed foods and junk food in general. I really like sweets, but the only sweet treat that I buy at the supermarket is dark chocolate. I make my treats and desserts on my own, this way they taste even better and I get to really appreciate them. This overall consciousness about food and cooking has led me to be a kind of food snob.

When you eat vegan (or plant-based) you realize that the possibilities of fast food or processed foods you normally buy at the supermarket are limited. As a result, you start to cook more meals on your own. And that’s when you start to eat more mindfully and become more conscious about your diet in general. This is a good thing, your body will thank you.  I am really picky about what I put into my stomach these days and therefore gained so much knowledge and interest in an overall more healthy diet.

This came naturally to me and I know that this goes not for everyone. This is also why I started to create healthy meals and healthier treats that are vegan too. So you don’t have to stress about that anymore 🙂

Another thing I like to mention is that after a short amount of time into my plant-based diet, I began to feel more energized and vital in general. During my workouts, I realized that I got stronger with every workout and very soon I was able to do the yoga headstand. God was I proud of this accomplishment ( I wanted to do that in like forever). I am also more fit and I feel like my immune system got an upgrade! I also noticed my migraine to vanish which was the best thing of all, it really changed my well-being. 

Why changing your diet can be so freeing

What I love to do here on this platform is to show you that vegan meals and a plant-based diet in general, does not mean to have less, but to discover so many new things and varieties in your meal plan. It does not mean to eat with scarcity but with the utmost abundance. You’ll see over time, trust me 🙂 You also don’t have to go all-in or nothing. Add vegan meals to your diet step by step if you want. Be proud of yourself when you cook something filled with plants. Treat this meal as something special because you are doing something good for your body and well-being. And most importantly, let’s not forget the environment and the animals that you are protecting in this process. You will be amazed at what incredible things you can do and cook with plants! You will also learn to appreciate food in general so much more and this alone is a huge accomplishment. Living plant-based was the best decision I’ve made so far and I am so excited about what’s to come next.

I hope this post could help you understand why so many people are diving into a plant-based living these days. Eating more plants provides your body so many positive aspects and it is not hard at all to add them to your diet. Check out my easy, vegan recipes and get inspired by the variety of plant-based food!

Always remember: Be kind to yourself, because you deserve it.

Much love, Natascha

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