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morning routine

Hello beautiful people and welcome to this post!

I’m going to jump right in with a confession – my entire life I was not having a morning routine at all. Well, if getting up about 45 minutes before heading out, stuffing some food into my body and leaving my home unsettled and not at peace at all is what you call a morning routine, I won’t deny it. What I really mean by morning routine is, doing something every morning that grounds me and prepares my body and mind for the day so I can be the best version of myself and make the most out of it with a clear and stable mind.

It all started with a book

My very first step towards a morning routine was reading. I loved to read at least 10 minutes in the morning, no matter what day it was or what I wanted to do for the day. Reading was my first integration into my routine. After a week, I couldn’t go outside without having read at least a page of a book while sipping from a cup of coffee. From this time on I expanded my routine with the things that make me happy and full of energy.

Of course, not all days are bright and shiny

There are days where I can hardly manage to get out of bed. Sometimes there is a certain event taking place that I am not looking forward to. But this is why your routine is so important for your growth. It helps to better handle your thoughts on certain things and prepare yourself for the upcoming day. It just feels so good to nurture and refresh yourself in the morning. To affirm that you are loved and ready to start the day powerfully and by being the best and truest version of yourself. 

Don’t try too hard

I think that if you try too hard to make the morning routine work you will most likely stop doing that after a few days. Do what you love, whatever comes naturally to you, something that lights you up. If you do a little bit of that every morning and for the rest of your life, something will change, that’s for sure. My mornings don’t look the same, I always follow my intuition and do whatever feels right to me every morning. If you don’t have much time for your grounding routine, don’t stress about it, just do a little bit of what you love and your day will be just as bright. The importance is that you do your morning routine with intention, the intention of taking care of yourself and loving yourself. Who will say no to that?

Find your perfect routine

My mornings wary from meditation, to journaling, making affirmations, or reading a book (sometimes the newspaper) or just sitting outside in the garden. The most important thing for me is to be alone, I love and really need to spend this time all by myself. Just with my thoughts, working on my mindset and practicing self-care. I would not miss this for a day now!

morning routine

I have some inspiration and tips on the things you could start your morning routine with:

What your morning routine could look like:

Reading: A book or newspaper or even a blog post! Something that you enjoy or love to broaden your mind with. This could be anything from a romantic novel to a blog post about traveling.

Meditation: Silence your mind with meditation. Stop your wandering and judging or negative thoughts because they will likely make you start the day in a negative way. Or make your intentions and positive affirmations that you had before you went to bed go away like they never were yours in the first place. Focus on what you are grateful for, then silence your mind. You will enjoy this silence and want more. When you put all thoughts aside, you can connect with your true self, your soul. Your soul never has anything negative for you to receive, it only encompasses you with light and love. Be an emotional snob! Don’t let your bright self be taken away by your ego. Remember, you are in control of your thoughts, always.

Journaling: Maybe you like to process the last day or week, or want to write down your dreams. Journaling is a great way to start the day with a clear mind. Add some affirmations or gratitude notes to it and feel the warmth of compassion and love that you have for your body and also the life you choose to live.

Walking: Integrate a morning walk to your routine! This is a great way to clear your head. When we are surrounded by nature we can loosen our grip and free ourselves from the heaviness and negativity we carry around. Try to walk mindfully, not because you know you burn those calories. Take a look around. What do you see? What do you hear? Do you feel a breeze or cold air? What do you smell? Nature provides so much for us, but we are mostly blind to see it. Put all the self-centered thoughts aside and focus your attention on the beauty of nature.

Having a long and nurturing breakfast: Even that is incredibly nurturing for your mind. Make yourself the best breakfast you dream of, sit down and eat mindfully. Check out this post on how to eat mindfully. If you start integrating this, you see food and all your meals in general from a different angle.

Listening to a podcast or music: Sit down, relax and listen to your favorite podcast or music. Put your cup of tea or coffee next to you and enjoy. Or dance off your worries! Dance along to your favorite music, let your energy guide you and immerse yourself in the world of passion. It is truly freeing. And please, don’t care if it looks stupid, you are not performing in front of anyone but yourself 🙂

Doing what you love: Whatever hobby you might have, do that for your morning routine. Whatever lights you up and gives you the warmth and love you need. Do it, do it and do it! There is nothing else I need to say. If you do what you love, you are never wrong because you are following your heart. And your heart knows the truth, your heart is leading you toward your highest self.

I know, there are many other possible things to integrate into your morning routine. And I LOVE to know all of them. Send me an email and share your thoughts and tips on your perfect morning routine. I’m so looking forward to connecting with you!

As always, be kind to yourself because you deserve it.

Much love, Natascha

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