Mindful and Intuitive Eating

I believe that Food is the gateway to your Soul

mindful eating

Welcome to this Mindful and Intuitive Eating post! I like to share some of my thoughts from this topic with you because of my experience I have made over the past year. And also how important food is for our body.

A little overview for you:

mindful eating

When you are not in alignment with your body you are somehow blocking the way to your highest self.

I experienced this intensely over the past 4 years. I changed from what we call „ a normal diet“ in our society to living fully vegan for 6 months and cutting off oil and any kind of fat completely from my diet for one entire year. My body went through quite some changes.

I think that my transformation started in the summer of 2015. I came back from traveling through Australia and Canada for a few months where I enjoyed myself so much that I gained over 10 kg, in just a few months! I never thought that I could gain so much in such a short time. So when I cam back I started to lose weight. This is also the time when The Berry Cat was born. I really got into healthy desserts and vegetarian food and loved it so much that I simply had to share it with everyone. What I didn’t know back then is how much my life would be centered around food and I would have never believed that I could heal my body through food and find back to my true self again.

This is what I am so grateful for, that simple foods provide us with anything we need. Integrating a healthy and plant-based diet can be truly life-changing. Now back to my story, and I want to be really quick, promise. After some time I became a vegetarian and it was also around that time that I started to get acne. Literally out of nowhere, I was quite confused but what I understand now is that my body was so tired of my diet, so intoxicated form all the crappy and unhealthy food that I fueled it with that it simply shut down and said to me ”you’ve gotta change your game here, or I will continue to make you feel sick” There simply was no other way.

The more unhealthy food I cut back the more sensitive my body now reacts to it. I am still not fully healed from my acne, but I noticed a huge change that comes from what I eat and how my skin reacts to different kinds of foods. And I would never want to get back to my old eating habit, really never. I feel so much energy within my body, my migraine diminished, I only get a headache during weather conditions and this is nothing compared to what I was enduring. I lost quite a few pounds involuntarily and feel healthy and healed and at peace with my body.

I am proud of my food journey and it wasn’t easy, especially family and friends didn’t or still don’t quite understand my journey but that does not matter to me. The most important thing is that you feel at home and healthy within your body because it is only you who lives with it for the rest of your life.

When you appreciate what you eat and nourish your body with, your relationship with food is going to change. Try to look at food from another perspective rather than just eating to make the hunger go away. Food is a tool that not only nurtures your body, it also feeds your soul and heals yourself. It is always hard at the beginning, but after some time, when you look back and realize how far you have come you will never turn back to your old eating habits. You will realize how good you feel within your body and how cozy and at home you are. This is the most important thing and something that only you are able to change.

mindful eating

Back to mindful eating

What is mindful eating? I’m sure you’ve heard of it before. When your mother told you to not play with your food as a kid and to not watch TV or text on your phone while eating. These are the basics when it comes to mindful eating. You should really try to focus on your food and what you are putting in your mouth at the exact moment. 

Here’s what you can try with your meal: Sit down, legs to the ground and with an upright posture with the plate right in front of you. Take a deep breath and focus. Now look at it, what colors do you see? What kind of texture do you make out from just looking at it? Again, take a deep breath. Now smell it, what flavors do you smell? Do you like them or not? Take another deep breath and start eating slowly. Consciously chew your food. What do you taste? What flavors do you recognize? Do you like the texture? After eating your meal ask yourself what you enjoyed most about this dish.

For me, this is even more rewarding when I cooked this meal by myself because I kind of respect my dish and cooking skills even more afterward.

I’m sure you can’t do this all the time because eating is a social commitment in our society, people meet over lunch or have a date over dinner. It would be really rude to ignore the person next to or opposite to you and just concentrate on your food. But I am also sure that you have some lunches or dinners or snacking breaks that you enjoy by yourself. How about breakfast? Start your mindful eating practice with your first meal of the day. Or try to at least once a day to eat mindfully. I know, I do sometimes forget to do that too. But there is something peacefully when you sit down, take a deep breath and enjoy your meal. It is so rewarding, not only for your mind but also for your body.

intuitive eating

Intuitive eating – tapping into what your body truly needs

We all have our intuition within us, we just don’t use it properly and/or aren’t aware of its existence. Do you know the feeling when something occurs and you did know that it would happen previously, but you cannot really understand why? That is your intuition when you just know something. You can and should apply this to your eating habits. Every time you are hungry, ask yourself what would I like to eat? I’m sure there is something popping into your head. Is it something sweet or unhealthy? Ask yourself again, what should I eat that serves my body, that is good for my body? What’s popping into your head now?

Sure, at first it is kind of tricky when our ego gets in the way. The ego is our constant thought, who is mostly not working in our favor. The ego wants to trick us into something that we are not, something that at first seems to be in the highest good for us, but later on, we realize that it was not serving us, like competition, jealousy and self-doubt. 

I know, we have to treat us to something unhealthy every here and then, but really try to listen and tap into your body. Does it really want you to have a fatty burger? Or a hot dog for lunch?

I tried to integrate this into my day and when my ego tells me that it really likes something sweet for breakfast, I try to listen closer maybe taking a deep breath. Mostly I end up eating my regular oatmeal with apple sauce or fruits on top and occasionally spread some honey on top of it 🙂

If you try to always listen to what your body really needs and ignore what your ego really like to eat you will find out that it will get easier to nourish your body with foods that it needs.

Try to start with at least a few nurturing and healthy meals a week, you’ll see how tasty they can be. You can have a look at our recipes, I’m sure you’ll find one or two appealing 🙂

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