How it helps to settle your thoughts and grow your mind.


Hello beautiful people and welcome to this post about journaling!

Are you new to this topic and love to get some insight? Or maybe you already are journaling, but try to go deeper with it? Whatever relation you’ve got with this topic, I hope this post can inspire you a little bit to go deep within your mind and find back to your true self!

Here’s a quick overview of this post:

A journal is like your best friend, it listens without judging, it’s neutral and supports you all the time.


I remember the day I got my first journal, it was on Christmas Eve and also the one present I was most excited about.

The journal had characters from the movie Finding Nemo on its cover. I was 9 years old back then and thought it was a lot of fun having a journal, which I used more like a diary back then. At first, I wrote down what happened each day of my life, which was fun but after some time, I got really bored. 

At some point, I started to write only when I was having a super happy and eventful day or a bad one. For example when I was having a really hard fight with my best friend or sisters, or when I was feeling misunderstood by my parents. I also wrote about the day when my grandpa died which was a really big deal for me. And looking back I am really glad I did write all of that stuff down, because even when I didn’t realize this back then it really helped me heal and get through these tough times. Looking at the words of a 9 or 10-year-old girl I now realize how raw and real children write. I wrote down exactly what I was thinking and what was happening, not scared of revealing myself (even if it is just you who reads it).

This is something I keep in mind to this day, to be real with yourself, always. What would you do writing in your journal when it’s not your true self that is revealed right there? 

As I grew older and especially during my teen years I stopped journaling completely. Which doesn’t mean that I was feeling great all the time or that there were no special events happening, I just simply didn’t feel like writing and completely forgot about my journal’s existence. 

It wasn’t until the age of 20 that I started writing again. And this happened during a time where I struggled a lot with topics around the self. What am I here to do? Why is life so hard right now? Why am I struggling so much to find the right path? What do I do with my life? And is this hard time ever going to end? I was all over the place at the time, struggling with University and having so much fear of my future. In a never-ending search of my life’s purpose, I wrote quite a lot at that time but didn’t fully realize the impact it had on my mental health back then. It did me really good and I kept writing till this day on, learning to cherish it, even more, every day. 

At hard or difficult times that are filled with negativity, you’ve got to urge yourself to sit down and write. It helps heal your soul and supports your mind. 

This year has been a very transformative time for me so far and there were two months that have been super intense for me. During this time I promised myself to sit down and write, at best every single day. And I did it, even if it was just a few lines, but it helped me so much to keep track of my thoughts and how life was unfolding at that time. I wrote about all my ups and downs, hopes and dreams and mostly fears and struggles.

When you have issues around concentrating while journaling, take a seat, be somewhere quiet or somewhere you love, maybe what you consider a sacred place of yours. If you feel like you need some help or extra energy, take your crystals, light a candle, scent the room with essential oils or incense. Now try to center yourself, take deep breaths, close your eyes and concentrate on your breathing or what is happening in your body at that moment. When you feel centered, start writing, don’t overthink too much. Don’t let yourself be disturbed or distracted. You’ll get into the flow just try to stay in that relaxing state of mind.

When I journal, I call it having a conversation with my soul. The words just flow through my mind and somehow find their place on a piece of paper.

When you go with the flow and let the unconscious mind take over, you write what’s really going on in your mind. You automatically start to raise some kind of awareness, some of the most hidden fears are revealed. You become aware of your real thoughts and are conscious of the real problems that lie underneath. Of course, it takes practice, like it is with everything, but once you journal regularly you’ll get what I am writing here.

Here’s a little Journaling-Guide for you to get you started:

Questions to get you started:

  • How do you feel right now? And why?
  • What recent events happened that made you feel a special way?
  • What are you proud of or excited about and why?
  • If you have an issue concerning a person: How/Why did this problem arise? What are the triggers? Dive in deep!
  • Pick a thing that you liked about the day and write around that.
  • Pick a negative thought of the day. Why do you feel so negative about that?

Other topics to write about:

  • Discover your fears and their triggers
  • Articulate problems around certain topics
  • Write down your inner wishes and how you can reach them or what is holding you back 

If you have a question around a certain topic, write it down at the top of the page. Then write down how you feel about it, what would be the potential outcome(s) of the possible ways? Why do you even have to ask the question in the first place? What makes you feel good or bad around this topic your question is about? And finally, what would you do if you knew you would be 100% supported? You get instant clarity, it always works for me that way!


The best part is to read what you wrote months or even years ago.

Looking back there are always some lessons and new realizations around the self that come up. You shouldn’t think that you were so naive or dumb back then, but rather acknowledge how far you have come, how much you got to grow over this period of time. For me, it is amazing to see what mistakes I made over and over again until suddenly I learned the lesson and moved on. 

There are also parts where I could clearly see how uncomfortable I felt in my body and how low my self-esteem was compared to today. I was scared to show my feelings, be authentic and do what feels right. I spent so many thoughts on trying to fit in, worrying about what other people might think about me. So much time was spent on negative thoughts and fears, but I am glad I wrote them down because now I see how many beautiful lessons these fears taught me. 

When you keep journaling you keep working on yourself. Journaling is a way to find back to your inner self, the truth. It guides you to work on your issues and makes you go in the right direction.

No matter if you write in a „real“ journal on a piece of paper or on your computer, but when done journaling I always have a calm feeling of knowing myself and where I am at the given time. It feels good and satisfying, a feeling that fills up my well and gives me enough energy to keep moving in the right direction. I hope you like this post and that it helps you a little bit for your next journaling session!

Be kind to yourself, because you deserve it.

Much love, Natascha

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