How to listen to your Intuition to discover your truth and get in alignment with your body!


Intuition describes the ability to have certain perceptions, insights and subjective decisions on subjects where we don’t use our minds to figure it out. We just know! It is the subconscious breaking through our conscious minds by connecting us with infinite knowledge.
I know it can get quite tricky sometimes, as most people don’t know when they with their minds or if it’s their intuition they respond to. And some critics might add that, sure when we listen to our intuition and act on a seemingly non-reliable source and it turns out amazing, but what if it turns out wrong. What if listening to our intuition leads us to make mistakes? I think that it is okay and sometimes really needed to have these experiences, because what would we be without our mistakes? NON HUMANS! As we have to encounter difficulties in our paths to grow as humans. We wouldn’t live here on this earth if we have it all figured out, would we?

How to listen to your Intuition and discover your truth!
Some might think of intuition as something rather inaccessible or magical. Magical it might be as when we tap into our intuition almost everything is possible but intuition is not something that only highly spiritual humans have access to. We are all human beings, we are all energy and always connected to the universe as we are one. It does not matter if you believe this as you are in charge of your beliefs and emotions. There is such a mystery behind this concept and on this post, I am going to show you that it’s the most normal thing in the world that you have access to ALL THE TIME. If you trust and believe.

What does Intuition actually mean?

Intuition in Latin means to look closer, immediate assumption. It is something that we just know. Not because we go deep with our brain and figured it out by analyzing it, just because we know. Our knowledge is infinite, we just have to tap into it from time to time and to do that we have to silence our critical minds who most likely have something to argue against it.

But there are things we can do to know that it is our intuition speaking to us or leading us the way. And it gets easier with lots of practice and experience. We all encounter difficulties, hurt and disappointment, it is our human right and our path as well. To be grateful for certain things and opportunities that didn’t work out for you as you might have envisioned it. That means the universe is protecting you and you are on the way to aligning even more with your path.

Some ways you can tap into your intuition:

Follow your heart:

Your heart is always leading you in the right direction. Your soul is connected to your heart. Which is why it is so important to lead a heart-and soul-led life. Try to listen to what your heart is telling you, rather than what your mind wants. You could think of the energy flowing through your heart as light emanating from your heart. What does this light look like? How does it feel? Is it a warm light that spreads through your body or is it cold light? You know immediately what your heart tries to tell you. Ask your question and focus on your heart, it’ll tell you what to do.

Listen to your gut feeling:

Your gut feeling is another great way to tune into your intuitive senses. If you have difficulties with tuning into your heart, then maybe this one is for you as it works more or less the same. When you are uncertain about your next move or a certain topic, ask yourself if this is the right choice and try to feel into possible outcomes. You will a positive or negative vibration from your stomach. It is really important to trust this process as your mind likely wants to persuade you otherwise.

When you know certain things:

Have you ever got this feeling when you know the outcome of a certain event before it was happening? Maybe this pops up like a vision in your mind’s eye, a voice that speaks to or just a feeling? I recently had this while I was on the phone with my dad and he said that someone was calling him while we were talking on the phone and that he’ll call me back. After I put down the phone I knew exactly what the person was going to tell him. It was like a voice in my head, telling me what is happening at the same time. A few minutes later I got the text message from my dad, which was proving the same thing I have heard. Amazing, right?

Tap into your dreams:

Your dreams are the portal to your subconscious. Whenever you are going to sleep and into a dream you most likely have no power on the events happening. Sure, there are ways to manipulate your dreams or practicing lucid dreams, but what I want to talk about here is something simple as witnessing your dreams. Try to write a dream diary, this is a great way to keep track of your dreams. When you remember your dreams you can look up online what their meaning is. Your dreams never lie, they tell the truth about your feelings, fears and thoughts. As you grow at soul level, so will your dreams. I witnessed this within my dreams. For years I had recurring dreams where I was being chased. Over time I realized slight changes within these dreams which were parallel to the changes is my wake-state. Now I don’t have these dreams any longer. I was unsure about my actions in life and kind of lost along the way. But with clarity and wisdom comes transformation. And so did my dreams transform too which I luckily recorded in my diary.

Feel into your bodies energy and your well-being:

If you feel a dis-ease in your body or just un-well in general, this is your body telling you that there is something wrong or not entirely okay. It most likely means that there was a shift in energy happening, triggered by a negative thought or emotion which has now manifested in your body. This could happen in hours, days months or even years. Ask yourself and your body: where does this dis-ease come from? What could have triggered it, which emotion set the motion into this negative direction? You need to remove the block by imagining this negative energy leaving your body and being replaced by positive light.

The most important thing when you listen to your intuition is to trust. You are connected to higher knowledge, divine wisdom. All you have to do is tap into it. I know, it sounds so easy. It will get easier the more you practice it and learn how to trust.

What are your experiences with your intuition? I want to know them all! Please write me an email 🙂

I hope this post could help you understand intuition a little bit better. 

Always remember: Be kind to yourself, because you deserve it.

Much love, Natascha

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