How To navigate your body & mind through the cold season

A few thoughts and tips on how to be more mindful during the fall and winter season.

Navigate body & mind through the cold season

Hello beautiful people, and welcome to this special post! I have been meaning to write about this topic for so long because every year around this time the same old problems seem to arise again and again. It is getting colder and all the things we love so much about summer like the vibrant sunshine, the blooming nature filled with life, all of that is slowly falling away. The days are getting shorter and the darkness arrives earlier. 

The beauty of summer is shifting into something more calm and morbid. Leaves are falling down, nature almost seems to die. But this is not how we are supposed to see it.

Nature goes through cycles and with her all of the life she creates, us humans included!

Navigate body & mind through the cold season

We are going with the cycles of planet Earth. No matter where you live on this planet there are at least slight changes in nature coming with each season. Where I live, the four seasons are in full mode, walking us through a cycle of death and rebirthing. I really enjoy watching nature creating live every time in spring, when out of nowhere life prospers and expands only to die a few months later. But this cycle of rebirthing is so important, not only for mother Earth but also for each and one of us. We live in a world of constant change, not one day is like the other. 

You as a person evolve too. When you look back at what kind of person you were 5 years ago, you usually see some changes, we all do.

And I get it, it sometimes really is hard to go with these changes. It is so important to live with the cycles instead of trying to fight against them. Learning how to go with the flow is hard, but it is even harder and even hurtful to resist it. Take your time and figure out how to go with the changes in nature, not only nature but your mindset too. You’ll see, it gets easier and maybe one day you remember your old self that struggled so much while your new self enjoys the constant changes of life and its cycles.

I’d love to share some of my thoughts with you on how difficult it could get to live with the cold season and I have some advice on how to make this season YOUR season (maybe even your favorite season).

As autumn kicks in the cold air and darkness are the only things that most of us see and dread. Those cold and dark mornings when you have to get up at 6 or seven o’clock, still snuggled up in your warm and comfortable bed. I know this feeling, there is nothing in the world that could make you get up, dressed and ready for the day. The first thing that might pop in your mind is work or any appointments you have, dragging you down even more. As you are urging yourself to get ready for the day ahead you realize you started the day in a dreadful manner, setting negative intentions for the day that now have become so hard to overcome and shift into positive energy. Now that is something anyone would like to avoid, right?

positive mindset

Sometimes we can be the greatest victims of our own thoughts and emotions.

They just pop up and say „Hey there, you’re already feeling miserable, now I’m here to make things even worse for you! Because I don’t care.“ Well yeah… When a negative thought comes up or a wave of negative emotion is coming your way, stop it. Right there. Take a deep breath and ask yourself the following questions: What exactly is this feeling? Why am I feeling it? What triggers it? How can I shift it?

Now tell yourself some positive affirmations:

  • First of all, I am not alone in this. There are millions of people in this world feeling the exact same thing.
  • I am so much more than my negative feelings.
  • I am so much more than my negative thoughts. It is okay to have them, I accept them but I am now moving on, they are not creating my reality.
  • I am a beautiful and intelligent person, deserving to have a positive and happy day.
  • I am in charge of my feelings and I am making this a great day, no matter what difficulties rise up.
  • I am ready and powerful!

This is something that you can not only practice in your morning routine but throughout the day. 

Are you at work and feel a constant pain? Cause by negative thoughts or recent events? Go outside or somewhere quiet, yes the toilet is a great and quiet place too. Make your mind shift at the toilet, who cares? If it serves you, it ’s the right place for you.

Try to really feel into any emotions that rise to the surface and overwhelm you. Accept them, try to formulate them. With acceptance comes a great shift from within. It takes time and practice, be in constant thrive for change in your negative emotions.

Navigate body & mind through the cold season

A great way to embrace the cold and dark mornings or evenings is to make a ritual out of them. A time where you look forward to because you integrate them as maybe your self-care routine for the cold season:

  • Find something cozy and comfy to wear
  • Light a scented candle (try something like baked apple and cinnamon, this is the real deal, trust me) or essential oils that calm your mind (lavender is my favorite).
  • Read a book you love or watch a movie/TV series
  • Make your favorite comforting dish or hot cocoa, pumpkin spice latte ( never miss gingerbread latte!)
  • When the weather is sunny, even when it’s raining, go outside! Take a walk, no matter how long. Take in your surroundings and try to find at least 3 things you love about what nature is giving you at the exact moment.

The cold season is also a great way to try out or find new hobbies:

  • Painting or drawing, take some classes or invite your friends, siblings or grandparents to draw something together
  • Enjoy all things that Christmas gives you this time around, bake cookies and invite your friends and family to bake or cook something together
  • Try out sewing or knitting, it can be a lot of fun too
  • If you live somewhere with lots of snow, go outside and build a snowman, take a sled with you or go skiing

At the end of summer always look forward to these things that you can only do during the cold season. I am so excited for my candles, my jumpers, my super comfy pajamas. I am automatically creating a vibration that shifts my negative energy.

It is all about shifting your vibration from a negative into a positive one.

I never really struggled with the cold season, because I already did that shift (unconsciously I have to say) years and years ago. The only feeling I experience when thinking about fall and winter is joy and abundance! The season I struggle with is summer (I know this makes me not relatable) but I am continually working on it and this year has been the greatest summer for me so far! So, YES it really works putting in the difficult and constant work to shift your energy and mindset!

Don’t forget that even if nature is changing and everything seems like dying she is still here. Nature is still alive, she is just going through a cycle and with that still providing her beauty for you to enjoy. Do yo know this saying that there is actually no bad or wrong weather? It is all about the right clothes you wear for the different kinds of conditions. 

Heal yourself with the energy of fall and winter, remember those cycles are here for you too. Really try and go with the flow and life will become easier and lighter.

I hope I could inspire you with this post and that you can actually integrate some of it into your daily life. 

Always remember: Be kind to yourself, because you deserve it.

Much love, Natascha

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