Navigating through Hard Times

Hard times are somewhat inevitable and most of the time hit us quite unexpectedly. They also tend to get even harder and unable to overcome when we let these times overwhelm us completely. Our negative thoughts provoke negative emotions which again birth even more negative thinking. And so this seemingly endless cycle of bad energy determines our lives. But you should never ever forget, that after darkness there is light. Always. What other purpose do these moments hold in store for us other than teaching us some of the important things in life?

hard times

Every time we come out from the depths of our darkness we see the light.

Hard times teach us something important, and from my experience, it often has to do with contrast. When we experience contrast it is mostly accompanied by suffering. You start to question your own beliefs and purpose. I like to call it a disagreement between your ego and soul. Because when you feel different about something then your soul then this is what creates this tension and negative feelings. This is what these thoughts do to you, they lead you towards your most authentic and highest self.

You can NEVER hide from your highest self, it just knows what you came here on this beautiful earth to do. If you are somewhere far away from it, of course, you have to experience contrast. And from what I have learned so far the closer I get to fully embrace and live my truth, the harder it hits me when I unconsciously move away from it. I write unconsciously because that’s what it is. Life gets in our way and we mostly don’t recognize it.

You should be grateful for those tough episodes in your life. When there seems to be no way out of them, I try to embrace this feeling. I immerse myself in this darkness knowing that it is here only for my highest good. Sure, I need to remind myself of this truth more than once, but it gets better every time around. And please, always keep in mind that we are constantly changing which means that this is going to pass sooner than later.

  • Never give up on yourself
  • Focus on your breath when anxiety hits you hard
  • Focus only on joyful moments in your day, no matter how small they might seem to be
  • Know that this is only temporary as life is constantly changing
  • Ask yourself what it is you can learn from this time
  • Write in your journal
  • Move your energy by doing yoga, breathwork or dance around your space unrestrained

I gathered some of the most asked questions about this topic here for you. Hopefully, they can help you understand and embrace your hard times a bit more.

What do these hard times teach me?

They teach you everything you need to know to get clear on your purpose. They demand from you to set intentions on how to be your true self entirely. You have the opportunity to learn how to release all fears because they do not serve you nor have they ever served you in any kind of way. Believe this as this is your only truth to live within your own expansiveness. Take time to surround yourself with light. Light is the only answer you need in order to be your own guidance. Your highest self always knows the truth. Start asking it questions by meditating or journaling.

Why do hard or dark times take me off my path for a certain time?

They are here for you to experience contrast. When you take time to know yourself you, know it all. The answer lies within and you have the power to access it all the time. But this is where the problem lies – with acceptance. Maybe you do not want to accept your truth. And this is when struggle and uncertainty come into play. You experienced something that let you know what you don’t want, now you know what you do want. This is what contrast is for. Accept your truth and surrender – expansion is what follows. The guidance lies within.

How do I know that I am about to embody my purpose?

You know it when you are connected and you are always connected. The key is to be satisfied and feel joy. The outcome is always love and light. You know when you are close to embodying your purpose when you are doing what you love the most. Do what you love and you are able to embody your truth. Trust that you will have the desired outcome in any given moment of your life.

You cannot be off your path, you just simply take a detour. You are always on your path and it could be any moment that something magical happens because you trust and you believe. And you never stop, no matter how tough life gets.

And how can I overcome anxiety?

You can state that anxiety is just a vibration. You have the ability to shift this energy. See anxiety as a different vibration, see it as excitement and joy is what follows.

What if I don’t like doing something but feel obliged to do it anyway?

This is contrast, pure contrast that you feel. You only need to do something that you love. Follow whatever lights you up and leave the rest behind. Never do something that you don’t want to do.

What if I am obliged to do something because there is no other way?

You can always try to shift the way you feel about a certain thing. Try to find things that you like about it and try to see more positive aspects. If it is impossible to shift it and you still feel contrast then you need to find a way to move on.

There is always a next step presented to you, be more conscious of the things that happen around you. Watch carefully with open eyes and you will learn to appreciate the small things/steps that are being presented. Acknowledge them and be thankful. Gratitude leads to satisfaction. This is your path.

I hope this post could help you understand these hard times a little bit better and that it helps you to see them in a different light, a more positive light. 

Always remember: Be kind to yourself, because you deserve it.

Much love, Natascha

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