Finding Joy

How this simple process can help you navigate through hard times.

finding joy

We can find joy in the most simple things in life.

Joy is abundance and light that manifests within.

If you do what makes you feel good and what brings you joy, the universe is going to respond.

Your path is to feel joy. If you don’t feel joy at all in your life, then now is the perfect time to change this.

Is it really that easy to find joy? Actually Yes, there is nothing easier than that.

But are we able to feel joy all the time? Only if you practice it all the time. As human beings, we know that it is really hard to feel joy 100% of our life. This is why we have our ego and the ego is a part of us as well. We can learn to live with the ego and thank it when it throws us off our path or knocks us down with negativity. Remember, there is always a greater lesson behind it. But don’t dwell on it for too long as it can quickly get ahead of you and we don’t want to be the puppets of our ego.

What can you do to sometimes outgrow your ego, to feel your highest self in its truest form? It is best to stick to your mindful practices as they show you the way to shut down your ego and let it take a back seat. Meditation helps immensely. Practice it for at least 10 minutes per day and silence your mind completely so you can remember who you truly are. Your highest self has only love and understanding for you and your growth as a human being but your ego is the one that pops in with negativity at its best. If you bring more joy into your life, it will get harder for this negativity to stick around.

Follow whatever brings you joy, even if you don’t see the big picture yet. If you do something out of pure joy without any attachments, without any desired outcome it will give you more than you might ever expect. Let the universe surprise you!

We are all facing dark times or moments in life. I recently did face another dark moment where I was questioning everything that I am doing. I lost joy of the things I loved to do, like cooking and blogging recipes. I was experiencing weeks of almost pure joy and contentment after years of searching for this feeling. I felt so grateful for what life was giving me and thought myself as the real professional when it comes to manifesting things I desire. Everything seemed possible, I was literally reaching for the stars. 

But then there came a moment of darkness which I told myself to really embrace this time, followed by another one and another one. And suddenly I found myself in a dark tunnel amidst total emptiness. I told myself to not panic and look around, to really dive in deep. I focused on breathing as I knew that this time will soon pass. And it did, It took me about three days which is actually not long compared to my previous darker times. But at the end, as I was noticing that my mind was shifting out of the dark and slowly moving towards the light the feeling of joy and excitement from all that I was doing previously that brought me sheer joy was still not there yet. I told myself to give it some time and wait as I was still feeling some kind of emptiness. I was not feeling my excitement when thinking about which recipes to create next week as I am usually planning the posts and recipes for the week ahead. I was so lost and detached, I even forgot to listen to my Astrology Podcast forecasting the week ahead (I really never miss out on that :)). 

I did all the things that people say we should do when finding ourselves amidst darker times. Follow JOY. I was in nature as this always really helps me to see the bigger picture, it makes my problems so small and lifts the heavy weight off my shoulders. This time my mind wasn’t hectically searching for something new to do in order to escape this feeling. I was relaxing into this space of darkness and let go. I asked the universe to show me a way that helps me to overcome this. And that’s when drawing popped into my head, literally out of nowhere. 

I love to draw, I enjoy it immensely. I’m not saying that I am particularly good at it, but I can really dive into another time and space while drawing. I used to have periods of times when I immersed myself in drawing. It was usually when I was alone and at peace with myself. I especially loved drawing during the hot summer days when I could escape into the cold rooms. But I would never draw when I was feeling unwell. Clearly, this time the universe wanted to tell me, well it actually did tell me to come back to drawing. And I did, I let go of all anxieties that my paintings will not be good enough and the pressure of having to be an artist in order to draw. And it was freeing, I instantly tapped into my self and emptied my mind. It felt like some sort of meditation. I instantly forgot time and space and was immersed in my creation. I was glad that I had listened to the universe because it always guides us with love and compassion.

Luckily, this dark time was guiding me throughout the weekend but as I found myself on Monday sitting at my desk I still felt the lack of excitement when I tried to write a new recipe. I urged myself to keep writing and I did write it but there is still something missing. 

What I do now as I am sitting there, writing this post is to keep focusing on the things that make me joyful. I keep drawing, just for myself as this is the most precious thing to do. And also letting go, not holding on too tight to things in general as life is always changing. If we hold on too tight it will only get harder to release things that are no longer meant for us.

If you trust that only good things will come from joy, then new possibilities will open up for you. 

That’s just the way life works. But if you keep burying your head in the ground and play the victim you just keep being stuck at where you are, i negative energy. And what do you do with negative energy (or emotion)? Right, you transform it, slowly but steady into a positive vibe. 

If you feel lost, stop thinking about the things that make you feel lost, that focus on bad and negative thoughts. Rather think of the things that bring you joy as your path should be that. And remember, that you are never off your path, you are always on your path as there is only one path for you to walk in this life. It is just a matter of roadblocks that might get in your way. But these roadblocks are only created by yourself which means that you are the only one to find a way around them. Your life’s path is never just walking straight ahead, this is not what you came here to do on this planet. Your life’s path will guide you through amazing sideways that lead to self-discovery and abundance once you realize that all things are meant to happen exactly the way they do. Embrace all things as there is nothing inherently good or bad. 

Find joy in the simple things like when immersing yourself in nature in any possible way. You can take a walk, ride your bike, go hiking or swimming. There are so many possibilities!

You can immerse yourself in the amazing world of art. This can be anything from painting, writing or playing any instrument, singing or crafts as sewing or knitting.

Also doing any kinds of sports that you love to do. Whether this is yoga or climbing.

Surround yourself by people you love, people who bring you joy. Who understand you and know how to make you laugh and feel cherished.

These are the things that come to my mind right now and there a many many more!

Listen to your heart, it guides you along the trail. And don’t forget to ask the universe to show you a way to find joy. 

One last thing you should always remember is that the universe only gives you what you can handle, there is nothing you can’t overcome.

The most important thing overall is to always be kind to yourself because you deserve it.

Sending you much love and light along your path to finding joy, Natascha

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