Welcome to The Berry Cat!

We are Natascha and Rebecca, two sisters from Austria and the creative girls behind The Berry Cat.

The Berry Cat

Why did we name our blog “The Berry Cat”? This may be mainly due to the fact that we are real cat fans (also called cat ladies) and it was therefore very obvious to link this to our blog.

We love to cook and bake non-stop. What we particularly appreciate is the opportunity to learn something new every day. There is so much to explore, especially in the area of ​​vegan cuisine and nutrition, that we will never run out of ideas. We published our first blog post in 2016 and have not stopped since then.

On this platform you will find an incredible number of vegan recipes (from sweet to savory dishes), most of them are healthier and some of them oil, gluten or sugar free.

Pay attention to your body and nourish it with the power and variety of plants – find your way back to your true self!


In all of our plant-based recipes, we replace ingredients such as meat, fat, sugar and dairy products with plant-based and healthier alternatives. This is exactly the reason why we fell in love with cooking, because experimenting with various ingredients that are available to us from nature is so much fun (and it also tastes so good;))

Start your journey into the diverse world of plants and discover a new lifestyle for yourself that strengthens and enriches your body and mind.

Something about us:

This is Natascha, recipe creator and photographer:

My experiences with food so far have been very enriching for me. I see the way of eating today with completely different eyes than a few years ago. I hope I can inspire you with my vegan recipes and inspire you for a lifestyle in which you are careful and positive with your body and your environment. All the best and have fun cooking and baking!

This is Rebecca, she is currently discovering her passion for an environmentally friendly lifestyle that stands for a life in harmony with nature.

If we respect our environment and take good care of it, we can all live in harmony and enjoy it even more. I hope my eco-DIY posts will help you get started in an environmentally friendly everyday life.

the berry cat

These two (crazy) Cats are the actual stars behind The Berry Cat!

They love to play in the garden for hours and sleep at home for much longer. Leo and Marty both have a sweet tooth too! We always have to keep an eye on our baked goods, because our cats simply cannot resist cookies and cakes. They are a real light in our everyday life and always put a smile on our faces 🙂

We hope to inspire you here at The Berry Cat with our posts for a mindful and appreciative lifestyle! Respect yourself and your environment and enjoy life to the fullest – All the best, Natascha & Rebecca

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