10 Ways to live more Mindfully

10 simple ways that help you live a mindful life filled with joy and abundance!

mindful living

Hello beautiful souls and welcome to this post! We talk about mindfulness quite often, but no one actually dives in deep and explains what it really feels like when you live a mindful life and how you can become more mindfully. Let’s dive in!

Here is a little overview of this post:

What is mindful living?

Mindful living is not something that only spiritual or religious people can practice. I always thought that it was just not for me, that all of those practices do not serve me. I already was living mindfully, but in reality that was just not true. But life got difficult again and I wasn’t sure how I would be able to cope with it this time around. And that led me to journaling, I had to have a safe outlet for my unnerving voices in my head – My very first intentional start into a more mindful life. I don’t regret it, because what followed was a deep understanding of my true self which led to diving even more deeply into the path of mindfulness. You start to feel lighter, all the heaviness is removed from your body and you notice that you are much more able to enjoy and fully breathe in life and your surroundings, without negative attachments. Of course, leading a mindful life takes a lot of practice and we never stop learning so enjoy the path and be grateful for what life presents to you (even the more challenging times).

It’s all about trying to live conscious throughout the day and being your best version while trusting your abilities.

Mindful means listening to your body and going deep within your soul while trying to be conscious of the needs and problems that occur. It is to live and work constantly with your thoughts and emotion trying to detect any blocks or underlying problems that you might have. Even embracing your thoughts and pain when you have a so-called bad day. When living mindfully we listen to what our body and soul are trying to tell us. Starting with the first thoughts after we get out of bed, and the last thought when we go to sleep (don’t forget to explore your dreams but that’s for another post). 

It is all about kindness, being compassionate and understanding towards your self and the people around you.

When you are sympathetic it will most likely lead you to a more loving and compassionate relationship with yourself and the people close to you. If you feel in alignment with your thoughts and sense of being your life gets so much easier and lighter. That’s why practicing mindfulness daily and integrating it in your life is leading you to be more fulfilled and happy. 

mindful living

Here are my go-to practices that really helped and still help me leading a mindful and compassionate life. You don’t have to take on all of them. Take what you like and what resonates with you and leave the rest. I hope I can inspire you a little!


What helped me a great deal, and I really mean a GREAT DEAL was integrating meditation into my life. I never thought I’d be that kind of girl that can sit still and breath. Reading this makes me just smile at my naive former self, but this once again shows me that we grow so much over time. Now I don’t want to miss my daily meditation. I would really like to dedicate an entire post to this subject because there are so many kinds of meditations and you really need to find out what’s best for you. In general, mediation is good for pulling yourself out of the limitations and stress your everyday life presents. You come back to your true self and have the possibility to work on blocks, fears and goals or to just BE and listen to whatever comes through. Like I said, lots of different kinds of meditation practices. If you just start out, guided meditations are really helpful and there are lots of them on the internet.

Sharing compassion for others:

Sharing is caring – I’m sure you’ve heard of that before. If someone is triggering some unwanted or negative emotions in you or you really need to let off some steam or judge somebody’s actions, you unconsciously share a lot of stress and unwanted negative emotions with you. Try to look into this person’s world and make out any possible way of why he or she did what now makes you feel this certain way – you automatically share compassion. Don’t jump to judging, be your higher version and share compassion for this person. You instantly feel lighter and the need to be upset disappears. Check out this post for how to deal with negative emotions such as anger and resentment.

Mindful eating:

Another great way to practice mindfulness. You should really take care of your body and listen to what it needs all the time. Instead of eating heavy and unhealthy foods, try to nurture your body with vegetables and more plant-based foods. Of course, we have to treat ourselves to something delicious or super tasty once in a while, but when we come back to our roots and start eating healthier something opens up in our body. This really leads to a more conscious being. I really transformed not only my body but also my mind simply through food, by first becoming a vegetarian and step by step cutting back on dairy products. I became so sensitive to my needs and feelings, I believe that you really get to know your body through your diet. Eating plant-based opened a portal to a whole new being for me. Check out our plant-based recipes for some inspiration.

Surround yourself with nature:

When you are surrounded by pure nature, untouched and raw, your senses are heightened and you instantly relax and become more aware of your surroundings. This is why a slow and long walk in nature is so healing. You can really be present and have a conversation with your self, your thoughts and struggles. You can communicate with yourself in a way that you cannot do amidst your busy life. If you feel like you are all over the place and don’t know how to ground yourself, go outside and heal with the energy of nature.

Working out, exercising: 

Especially Yoga, a practice of being one with your soul by simple movements. You are connecting your mind with your body and concentrate only on these movements, it is truly magical. But of course, you don’t have to do Yoga, it can be any kind of sport you enjoy. If you cannot practice heavy sports, take a walk, go nordic walking or ride a bike. With working out or exercising I don’t mean a heavy and goal-driven workout where the only thing you keep in mind is your abs and weight loss. I mean a workout where you stop thinking about what gains your body has from it, but more how grounding and refreshing it is for your soul. A workout where you don’t have to break out in a sweat, but simply find back to your body and connect. If it helps, listen to some music, I always listen to music when I do these kinds of workouts. I feel so connecte back to my roots and my true desires afterward and have a clear mindset.


As I mentioned above, journaling was my gateway to abundance and deep understanding of my very self. Which led me to a place where I am in peace and able to give love not only to myself but everyone around me. Sure, there are some times where I struggle, but don’t we all experience this? I have a whole post about journaling and how it helps to grow your mind and settle your thoughts. Klick here to read this post.

Being of help:

I don’t mean to give yourself away for others. The key is to give when you can, when you feel like you have enough within yourself and are able to give something back. Whatever way this is, sharing love and understanding, helping someone out in difficult times or just be helpful with small tasks like helping your parents out in the garden, because they can’t do it on their own. Simply just being here for another person you love, in any kind of way that you feel comfortable with. Sharing the love that we experience to have in abundance feels not only rewarding but liberating too.

Doing what you love or what lights you up:

Whatever that might be for you. Don’t know what that is? Try to close your eyes, take a deep, nurturing breath. Ask yourself, what lights me up? Something might pop into your thoughts. If not, try to think of something that you think you enjoy or you always wanted to try. If you feel a sense of light and warmth emanating from your heart, then this is what your soul enjoys the most. Maybe it is writing? Or drawing? Give it a try, it’s really worth a shot. And don’t forget to do it regularly.

Reading a book or listen to mindful podcasts:

Most people think that it doesn’t matter if you read or watch something on television or Netflix. But there is a difference because when we read we stimulate or challenge our minds to create the picture. We decide what we want to see or feel when we read something whereas while watching a TV series or movie we are exposed to the images, the music and certain message that are delivered straight to us. It is not us who create the emotions that come with it. We are delivered these emotions and have to decide what to do with them. Sometimes they feel unsettling and after watching we have to process them. And sometimes they create some difficulties and underlying fears or repressed emotions that we are not ready to deal with. This is why you should not watch TV right before you go to bed. I realized this within my sleeping patterns. When I watch something (and it doesn’t matter if it is Friends or  Marvels The Punisher), I noticed a disturbance within my sleep and also troubles with falling asleep. But when I read something before I go to sleep, I am so much more settled and at peace and get to enjoy the most nurturing and relaxing sleep.

I really encourage you to try it out and notice the difference! What I do now, is to not watch TV one hour before I go to bed. I usually read something and/or meditate afterward. Listening to a podcast or an audiobook is also a great way to stimulate your mind. I’d love to share my favorite mindful podcasts with you here: Your Own Magic Podcast, Highest Self Podcast, The Cosmic Calling Podcast and The Astrology Hub Podcast. Dive in and enjoy listening!

Creating a morning and or evening routine: 

This is actually THE SECRET to living more mindfully. When you create a routine you instantly know that you are feeling grounded and nurtured afterward and automatically step more powerfully and optimistic into your day. It took me some time to create my routine and it is changing throughout time, because when you feel that this routine does not serve you as it did at the beginning, it is time to change things up! Your morning or evening routine can be something like a morning/evening walk, reading a book, meditating, journaling, writing your affirmations or goals and gratitude for the day. Create your routine, find out what works for you and stick to it! Of course, you can have different routines for the weekdays and weekends or different days of the week, but really try to stick to it and give it a shot.

I hope this helps you to start your mindful life!

Leading a mindful life is something you should practice throughout your life, because there is so much that we are learning everyday. Being mindful helps you to step into your true self, the higher version of yourself and thus helps you to better understand why certain blocks or problem arise and how you can work with them. There is so much more I want to talk about, but I am saving this for my upcoming posts.

Be kind to yourself, because you deserve it.

Much love, Natascha

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